IPC BioSupport
IPC Biosupport


Our world keeps changing continuously. The more we know about diseases and their underlying biological cause, the more targeted the treatments we are developing to cure them. The use of molecular tools for diagnostics and for treatment of disease is expanding rapidly.

IPC BioSupport offers more than 15 years of experience in the field of molecular Life Science, and is making this accessible to professionals and any other private person who has a need for biology related support.

For professionals we map the complex but clearly defined Life Science market, both from a Sales & Marketing as well as from a procurement point of view.

For personal support to private people we offer an easy to understand interpretation of the rapidly expanding world of DNA, both from a molecular diagnostics point of view as well as for paternity testing and (animal and human) pedigree confirmation.

Our strength is in comprehensively bringing together the heavily fragmented information in the marketplace.